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5 reasons to use a professional voice over for your Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos capture your audience's attention and make the information and product memorable.

But a picture or a moving picture is only worth so many words.

You need audio so that your video has clarity and, quite literally, your message a voice.

In this post, I collaborated together with animation agency Galera to discuss five reasons for hiring a professional for your animated explainer videos.

. Professionalism

Professional voice-over artists have training and experience that will bring a level of professionalism to the quality and outcome of your animated explainer video script. They bring industry experience and knowledge to your project.

· Consistency

Partnering with a professional voice-over artist will bring consistency to your videos and brand. Having the same voice (or voices) for your animated explainer videos will build brand recognition and credibility. This consistency will help build trust that you are offering valuable and authoritative content, building brand loyalty and recognition.

· Equipment

Quality voice-over work requires quality equipment. A professional will have invested in the necessary equipment for professional recordings like soundproofing equipment, microphones, headphones, shock mounts, and pop filters, to name a few. If you try a DIY approach, you will not compare to the professionals unless you are willing to invest in professional equipment. Professional artists are also more likely to be knowledgeable of and know how to use the latest technology that makes their products and service stand out.

· Experience

Most voice-over artists have a wide range of experience they bring with them from training and other projects. They are more likely to match your branding and tone, lending an authentic and credible voice for your project. All artists will have a demo or portfolio where you can see their samples and gauge if they are a good fit for your explainer video voice over work.

· Availability

If you are trying to do the project yourself, or within your company, or borrowing a friend's voice, odds are everyone else has something else they are being paid for and voice-over work is something extra they have to squeeze in. A professional makes this their livelihood, and it is easier than ever to find an available and ready professional artist.

Untrained talent can be a gamble. It may cost you more time and money as you try and try again to get the quality product you want and your audience must have.

Investing in a professional voice-over actor will ensure higher quality videos and a more powerful product.


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