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Marilena Gant Voice Actor Smiling in her home studio

Hey, I'm Marilena!

I'm a young British Voiceover Actor and Presenter based in London with my own broadcast quality home studio. When I'm not chatting away behind the mic you might find me singing behind one, as I'm also an award winning singer with work featured on ITV and BBC and reviewed in The Guardian and The Telegraph. 

  My unconventional journey into voiceover began at the ripe old age of 9! If you'd like to find out more about how I ended up as a VO, check out my story below

My Story

My first introduction to voiceover came at age 9 when my younger brother was cast in a small role for a children’s animated series. I often tagged along to my brother’s castings and jobs as it meant leaving school half an hour early to get to Central London ( and at age 9 this was equivalent to winning the lottery!) Unlike my brother, I was painfully shy and had virtually no interest in performing at the time. I could often be found with my head buried deep in the latest Princess Diaries novel instead. Despite this, I serendipitously bagged a small role in the pilot of the show and the rest, as they say, is history!  

 My love of performing and singing continued to grow and I began my career as a professional singer at 14. However I didn't revisit voiceover until after I completed my University studies - I'm a big fan of a Gothic Novel and have a masters in Victorian Literature!  After I graduated, I combined my passion for performing and using my voice with my passion for stories and words, and became a full time Voiceover Artist, Actress and Presenter. Now I'm lucky enough to record for companies and projects all over the globe from my home studio in London.  

My passion is stories, get in touch and let me help you tell yours!

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