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The Biggest Tip for Voiceover Auditions

How one voiceover audition that I DIDN’T book turned into booking a National TV Commercial…


Rejection. Knock backs. Doors slammed shut. Whatever you want to call it, it happens to the best of us. As a voice actor, this happens A LOT. Not every voiceover audition is successful and although that’s part and parcel of the job it can still sometimes sting.


However, through changing how you view auditions, you can take a little of the burn out of receiving a no and even turn it into a resounding yes later down the line!


A short while ago I was invited to a live voiceover audition with a casting director I hadn't met before. Instead of focusing on what I thought the director wanted to hear and how much I’d love to book this job, I saw it as an opportunity to read some fun copy, try out new techniques and have a nice conversation with someone new. I saw booking the job as a cherry on top, rather than the central focus of my auditioning process. The audition went well but it was ultimately a no this time round.


HOWEVER, a few months later, a booking comes through to my agent from the very same casting director for a different TV project. This project snowballed into securing one of my biggest ever clients. I am certain that it was changing my mindset in that first audition, allowing myself to relax and just enjoy the audition process, that ultimately turned a no into a yes.


Through trying to see auditions as a fun exercise, a chance to create new characters or test out a new skill, the pressure is off. You can just relax and do what you do best! Rejection carries a lot less weight when booking the job is no longer the goal. Instead, as long as you’ve had a good time, then you can send off your self-tape or leave the casting room knowing that you’ve achieved what you set out to do. I guarantee your auditions will be far better for it and, as a happy consequence, you’ll book a lot more!


So next time a voiceover audition lands in your inbox, see it as an opportunity to get your hands on some great copy and remind yourself why you fell in love with this job in the first place.

Focus on winning the room – not the job.

British Voice Actress Marilena Gant in a White Jumper in a Recording Studio Voice Acting


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