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Sustainability in Voiceover

This year, along with trying to survive the current Covid apocalypse, I’ve decided to work towards living a little more sustainably. Now, I’m not talking about selling all my possessions and moving to an off grid forest yurt (although after experiencing 3 lockdowns in a fifth floor flat I could be convinced) but instead making small changes in my everyday life. Perhaps choosing an eco-friendly laundry detergent on my next shop or taking shorter showers. This decision got me thinking about how I could implement some more sustainable habits in my Voiceover business too.

Paper Begone I used to love a printed script but this year I’ve invested in a tablet. Not only has this helped the planet but it has made reading my scripts 1000 times easier and I can still annotate my virtual scripts just as easily as I would do with pen and paper.

My Old friend stationery My name’s Marilena and I’m a notebook hoarder. Yes, its true, I have a stash of notepads to rival Paperchase in my home. This year however, rather than purchase every shiny piece of stationary that catches my eye, I promise to actually use each and every notebook I own before buying any more.

Working From Home

Strictly speaking this was not a decision I made (cheers, corona) but it has made me think about the impact of travelling on the planet. When I’m no longer shielding and able to work from other studios again, I’ll think twice about hopping in an Uber or car to travel a short distance. Glass half full As a VO, along with my equipment there is one ever constant fixture in my studio – a half finished glass of water. I’m notoriously bad for never finishing a glass of water and although it might not seem like a lot of water waste, if I add it up over the course of a year, that’s a lot of water that could have been hydrating my voice instead of decorating my living room table before being chucked down the sink. I’m making a conscious effort to finish each glass BEFORE I reach for another. If you’d like more info on other ways to prevent water waste, check out Northumbrian Water’s Ripple Effect Campaign (I had great fun lending my voice to this project and if you've got little ones, they've created lots of family friendly activities too!) Have you made any sustainability swaps in your business over the past year? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks so don’t forget to leave a comment down below


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