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"So you're a Voice Actor...what actually is that?"

This is the question that usually follows when someone finds out what I do for a living and you might just be surprised by the answer. We are surrounded by the work of professional Voice Actors every single day, not just in the form of Animation and Video Games but every time you take public transport or open Google maps. Every time you use a self-service check out machine, every time you turn on the radio or fall down a Youtube rabbit hole, I can guarantee that a Voiceover has found its way into your unsuspecting ears. Voice Actors work in almost every industry known to man. It's our job to humanise text, be that an announcement at the train station, sharing vital Covid-19 advice or providing directions to your new favourite pub. I recently wrote an article for The Voice Finder sharing my thoughts on why hiring a Voice Actor to bring your words to life, whatever their purpose, is a very wise investment. You can read it here:

British Voice Actor Marilena Gant wearing Headphones in her Home Studio


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