• Marilena Gant

My Intro to VO...

Updated: Mar 22

My first introduction to voiceover came at age 9 when my younger brother was cast in a small role for a children’s animated series. I often tagged along to my brother’s castings and jobs as it meant leaving school half an hour early to get to London ( and at age 9 this was equivalent to winning the lottery!) Unlike my brother I was painfully shy and had virtually no interest in performing at the time. I could often be found with my head buried deep in the latest Princess Diaries novel instead. I remember sitting in the waiting room of this particular studio and suddenly disaster struck - my Nintendo DS died! I decided I’d go and see what was going on in the studio, when I overheard two adults in the hallway arguing over who had cancelled the girls audition. This had left them without a voice for a small character called Emily the Elf. As the only child except my brother in the building, I soon found myself being asked if I wanted to give it a go. Much to my mum’s surprise, I decided I quite fancied the idea of being in a recording studio and with nothing better to do, I agreed.

‘That’s the way to do it!’ I said whilst looking at a stuffed rabbit that had been placed behind the mic. And the rest, as they say, is history! Since then, my love of voiceover, singing, and performing has grown and I began my career as a professional singer at the ripe old age of at 14. After taking a brief break from the industry whilst I completed my university studies, I made the decision to return full time a few years ago. I'd love to hear how you got started in your career, let me know in the comments!