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Looking for a British Male Voice Over Artist…?

Updated: Jun 17

Now I love a challenge but absolutely no one is going to believe my voice came from the mouth of a 30 year old man…Instead, here are 9 brilliant British Male Voiceover Artists with their own killer home studios and impressive portfolios to match:

Jo Troy - Jo is a Black British VO based in London with a smooth and modern sound – perfect for Commercial and Audio Drama projects. Sebastian Brown – Warm, transatlantic sound – if it’s an Audiobook you are recording, Sebastian is your guy!  Christopher Tester – Also known as Naturally RP, is the king of the Corporate with some stellar Video Game credits.

Jack Ayres: Welsh Voice Actor with one of the most versatile voices in the business especially when voicing characters for Video Games and Animations! Infact, there’s not a genre Jack’s dulcet tones haven’t been heard in.

Dan Pye - THE Geordie voiceover who records for everything from Radio Commercials to Video Games. 

Scott Tunnix – Scott’s young, energetic and versatile sound is perfect for all genres of VO, especially Video Games, Animation and Commercials. Joshua Wichard: If it’s a game you are making, Josh is your man! Known for his work in Baldurs Gate 3 and Final Fantasy XVI, Josh also has extensive experience in the world of Motion Capture.

Michael Ashtiany ­– Michael, a Manchester based Voiceover Artist, has a relatable, warm sound and specialises in Commercial and Corporate VO. Jordan Whitby: Jordan’s upbeat, youthful SE London/Estuary Voice is perfect to inject personality and energy into almost any project!

If you are on the look out for a specific accent, background or skillset, drop me a message and I might just be able to find you the perfect VO!

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